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Enterprise Mobility

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What is Enterprise Mobility?

Enterprise mobility enables a workforce to have instant access to information through mobile applications anywhere, anytime. People are fundamentally changing the way they work, and in order to remain competitive, organizations are making enterprise applications accessible through mobile devices.

According to research from "Gartner's View of Enterprise Mobility," there will be a 30% growth of mobile application deployments per year thru 2011. Devices such as Windows Phone and iPhone for the enterprise have continued to impact the business world through new technology and services that can improve productivity and communication. This is largely due to that fact that anywhere access to information is a powerful resource that can mean a significant difference for traveling sales and marketing teams.

The improved mobile productivity that results from mobile access to company software and information can mean a greater ROI for businesses investing in mobile communications, as well as improved sales and communication. Access to other tools for sales teams such as Mobile Express CRM can also help improve sales and B2C communications.

Why is Enterprise Mobility important?

By allowing mobile, instant communication and access to important information to a workforce, enterprise mobility improves productivity through providing the information the moment it is needed. With the continual increase of companies utilizing mobile applications to improve customer responsiveness and worker productivity, it is essential to evolve your business into the next generation of technology usage.

Frequently, companies that require a large degree of off-site marketing and sales need to purchase laptops for their sales and marketing teams in order to make sure they have the informaiton they need, when they need it (especially the ability to update customer information). Enterprise mobility offers the alternative solution of having all of the information and functionality that a CRM application can provide, without the costly expense of purchasing more expensive equipment for the sales and marketing side to get work done when traveling or working off-site.

Enterprise mobility brings with it the convenience of size from a hand-held device as well as the savings from cost. Companies that use enterprise mobility also frequently see a significant return on investment from having the information they need, when they need it, which can at many times provide the competitive edge for sales and marketing teams.

Mobile devices can also integrate with cloud-hosted services such as Exchange Online, which provides users with the ability to respond to schedule changes and new e-mails on the fly. When decision makers are able to communicate approvals to employees, regardless of location, tasks can get done quickly and efficiently.

Quickly isolate, diagnose and fix performance problems

Your business processes typically depend on a number of complex applications. These composite applications use business logic and data that span Web servers, J2EE application servers, integration middleware and mainframe systems. Many organisations lack an integrated solution to automatically monitor, analyse and resolve problems at the service, transaction, application and resource levels. The result? Operations and development may take a long time to identify, isolate and fix composite application problems. In fact, many application problems are reported to IT by the end users of the business service.

Facilitate the information flow between Operations, Development and Support

The Business Application Management solution helps you quickly isolate, diagnose and fix business-critical application performance problems. When an incident occurs, the Tivoli solution helps the IT staff quickly resolve it by facilitating the information flow between the Operations, Development and Support groups. A powerful visualisation of problem information is available using a single portal, with customisable views of performance metrics. The Tivoli solution can help you meet your internal and external service level agreements and reduce your total cost of ownership.