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Besides streamlining the various processes of a company, ERP presents many other benefits.

ERP Solution

dvtech.com.sa as an ERP is an integrated information system solutions that serves all departments within an enterprise. dvtech.com.sa supports Multi Company, Multi Division, and multi-currency model. dvtech.com.sa is able to interface with an organization's own software with varying degrees of effort, depending on the software. The front end of ERP is in Microsoft’s Dotnet framework and the backend is in oracle. It has a very simple user friendly interface like Microsoft applications and with strong security and performance from oracle. It is a ready to use system, which is useful in quick implementation and thus reducing the lead-time. The implementation is modularized type and the each module can be linked at any time as per customer's requirement. Multiple offices can be linked through web server/data transfer protocols and thus enables one to know the status of each site office, which increases the effectiveness in monitoring and executing of complex jobs.

Most included in DvTech ERP solution are as follows

HRMS and Payroll

HRMS and Payroll module covers every activity dealt by the HR department. This module enables an organization to capitalize on the workforce - their most important asset. It helps in performing HR activities such as recruitment, salary, leave management, payroll, etc.

Sales Module

Sales module is a comprehensive module which records each and every action of the sales representative for affecting a sale along with customer feedback. This really strengthens the front end, without compromising on the basics of the company's sales policy. Sales persons can check the feasibility of each request posted by the customer along with the project status and explore possibilities of merger of another unit or, transfer from one unit to another at a click of a button.This feature enables quick response time and in turn, provides for an excellent and effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) feature tool.

Inventory Module

Inventory modules cover the entire Purchase and Stores function aspects of an enterprise. It is tightly integrated with the Payments and Legal modules. Purchase Managers can now accurately and easily access information about vendors, stock levels, purchase analysis, etc. in real time. Store Managers can easily deal with all the items or products required by the organization.


Accounts module is a business application capable of totally managing most accounting needs of a company. It enables you to optimize accounting with inventory control along with integration of payroll, sales, purchase and engineering modules thus delivering a comprehensive picture of your company's financial robustness at any given point of time and at any given place through web connectivity.

The security features includes lock system use for specific users, domain control etc. Ready to use Grid display data is one of the key technology we are introducing in market, users can filter/order/remove columns etc. directly.User with a little knowledge in SQL queries can generate their own reports in the system and use it accordingly.

Warehouse Management system, Point of Sales, Hand Held Terminal Solutions and Fixed Assets are some of the applications which is currently integrated with ERP solutions.