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IT Infrastructure

Deliver reliable, error-free applications — more quickly and inexpensively

Ensure availability and performance of your applications provides IT infrastructure solutions for medium to large organizations in the Middle East. Our solutions are designed to meet your business requirements while remaining cost effective. We service a wide range of industry sectors including Education, Transportation, Hotels, Government Departments, Defense, Hospitals, Banking, Retail and Broadcast media.

Our skilled team of professionals will support you in defining your business technology requirements, developing functional specifications, system design and optimization of processes. We are committed to servicing our clients at every stage of the process. prides itself on providing world class solutions at a competitive price, together with prompt, reliable and thorough service to all its clients. We continually stay on the forefront of new trends in the IT sector to deliver our clients the most effective and innovative solutions with proven performance.

As a strategic partner with Resilient, specializes in the design, installation, maintenance and monitoring of storage solutions for CCTV systems. Working closely with all stakeholders including Vendors, System Integrators and End-users, to provide medium to large scale video storage solutions.

As the infrastructure is required for societies to perform effectively and foster economic growth same way the organizations require IT infrastructure to grow and progress. Without having proper and optimized IT infrastructure organizations cannot communicate and operate effectively and efficiently. fully understands this fact and offers provisioning of high quality IT infrastructure services to various businesses and industries.

We have a team of experienced and certified infrastructure consultants and engineers who can work with various technologies and products to provide your business a solid foundation. Some of technology infrastructure related services include:

  • Network & Data Communication
  • Turnkey Data Centre & Hosting Services
  • Infrastructure Performance & Audit

Target IT issues which impact your business

Business Application Management products allow you to visualise the health of your business services and service level agreements. You can then isolate, diagnose and fix the highest-priority transaction performance problems. Target IT resources and actions to quickly resolve the most critical and costly issues which have the greatest impact on your business. IT lifecycle costs can be reduced across operations, support and development by directly linking operations and development. Tivoli Business Application Management products can also help you plan, manage and optimise your software assets. These products help you manage software costs and contract compliance, and align software spending with business priorities.

Quickly isolate, diagnose and fix performance problems

Your business processes typically depend on a number of complex applications. These composite applications use business logic and data that span Web servers, J2EE application servers, integration middleware and mainframe systems. Many organisations lack an integrated solution to automatically monitor, analyse and resolve problems at the service, transaction, application and resource levels. The result? Operations and development may take a long time to identify, isolate and fix composite application problems. In fact, many application problems are reported to IT by the end users of the business service.

Facilitate the information flow between Operations, Development and Support

The Business Application Management solution helps you quickly isolate, diagnose and fix business-critical application performance problems. When an incident occurs, the Tivoli solution helps the IT staff quickly resolve it by facilitating the information flow between the Operations, Development and Support groups. A powerful visualisation of problem information is available using a single portal, with customisable views of performance metrics. The Tivoli solution can help you meet your internal and external service level agreements and reduce your total cost of ownership.