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Software Life Cycle Product Development And Engineering Services Corporation is a software product development & engineering and software product consulting Services Company, serving small and medium sized technology companies and their clients from its global delivery centers. Software Development and Engineering service line offers a full life cycle software development and engineering services to independent software vendors, systems companies and web / social networking / social media / mobile applications companies. All our software product engineering services are offered in a flexible blend of onsite, offsite and offshore mode.

As a company we have been providing full life cycle product engineering services to our technology clients since our inception in 1990. We have gone through multiple technology and product paradigms and have hands-on experience in variety of technology stacks, programming languages, development tools and database / networking / communication / GUI / web technologies. Above all, having participated in thousands of software product releases, we understand what goes into good product design, test, support, and implementation cycles and what to stay away from. We also understand that IP Protection is one of the most important considerations for typical technology companies. Our history, legal status as a California company and the strong security and IP protection measures adopted by us both at the employee level and the infrastructure level, together play a very strong part in our clients choosing us as their software engineering partner. We understand that timely and high quality product releases require almost round-the-clock effort from our teams and we have always responded to these challenges. Since our founders and a significant part of our management team are based in the United States, we are a phone call away in the same time zone of our customers if they need any special assistance.

Software Product Consulting Services has a long history of providing a range of IT services for software products from SAP, Infor Global Solutions and TIBCO. The packaged Product Consulting solutions and services are based on a comprehensive understanding of several software products from SAP, Infor and TIBCO. Some of these include client implementation experience, core product engineering projects, application support and maintenance services, industry expertise, technology trends, best practices and client interactions.

Onsite Service Offerings

As businesses continually flex, morph, and evolve to gain and retain market leadership by differentiating themselves with their offerings, time to market becomes very critical, which requires extreme agility. Successful companies leverage strategic partners who can lend them needed expertise with ultimate flexibility. These companies look for quick and easy augmentation to their existing teams to accomplish tasks quicker and better. Onsite Services offering provides this tactical flexibility to our clients for their project execution in the short and long term. Onsite Services are used by large, medium and small companies in multiple industries and in different functional divisions within the companies. We work with our clients to specify, identify, search, select and recruit the right personnel or teams for the right job. Our experience of more than 20 years has yielded us a vast data bank of professionals, search tools and selection techniques to help our clients build and enhance their execution capabilities in the most effective manner.