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The DvTech Real Cloud has a multi-layered management model. The cloud controller server enables everything, from system architecture to VM root access, to be managed via the user interface and API. Real Cloud enables you to put up applications and manage them, all remotely and with utmost ease.

Cloud Technologies is a provider of Cloud Computing services. We pride ourselves in outstanding customer service and providing solutions that drive savings to the bottom line for your organization.

What is Cloud Computing? This is a question we receive regularly, and it can take on different definitions to many people. To us, Cloud Computing is delivering hosted computing services over the Internet.

A "Cloud" can be public or private. A public cloud makes a suite of computing services available to anyone on the Internet, while a private cloud makes those same services available only to those connected to a private network. Cloud Technologies offers services within both the public and private cloud. However, regardless of how those services are delivered, our goal is to provide easy and scalable computing resources.

We invite you to explore our Solutions to learn more about Cloud Technologies, Inc. and how we can help deliver savings to your bottom line.

We are focused on providing cloud computing technologies to small to medium sized businesses utilizing our on-site data center with a complete focus on customer service.

Our data center delivers our solutions delivering redundancy troughout the infrastructure providing you with the confidence that your applications will be available where and when you need them.

Our staff maintains a vast array of Professional Certifications to ensure our customers that our associates have the knowledge and expertise to deliver superior solutions.

This means that solutions are delivered in the shortest time possible, are based on sound industry best practices and proven solutions, and consistently meet our customer's exacting requirements.

The Real Cloud is the result of a detailed project undertaken by to understand the unique capabilities and challenges associated with implementing a cloud based computing environment in a modern enterprise.

The assessment is based on Real Cloud that outlines a core set of capabilities needed to effectively implement cloud computing. These capabilities cut to the heart of what is needed to really achieve the benefits of cloud based computing without getting caught up in all the market hype and are based on real world implementations.

The rest of this assessment is designed to help you understand the Real Cloud Model as well as share practical insights from industry experts. Along the way you will have the opportunity to rate your organization and see how you fit in the model.